"The Dreadful Tall Man (story 1)"


It was winter. One quiet evening like many others. Soon after dinner, I left home for my usual walk with my dog. How strange! I noticed that there was nobody around. It was very dark and windy. Actually I felt like there was somebody following me. I turned and I saw a huge man about two and half metres tall. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was paralyzed with fear. I saw him was coming closer and had something in his hands.....(Matteo V.)
It was a cross. The man was always nearer and nearer. I shouted in fear, but then.... he disappeared. I could only see the cross falling down before fainting.
The next morning I woke up in my bed and I remember absolutely nothing, but I felt as if I I was revovering from a terrible nightmare. As I got up I turned my head and I saw it : the cross." It really happened!" I thought. I inspected the cross. It was an unusuall cross: there wasn’t Jesus and the two parts which make a cross were of the same length. Then I saw was a sort of button. I pushed it and... (Samuele C.)
...nothing happened. So I went to the bathroom to wash my face and when I turned back there it was... the cross was open. There was a little slot. I checked inside, but I couldn’t see very well, so I took a torch and then, there it was : it seemed a tiny letter !
I took it out carefully and unfolded it slowly.“Dear my love...”it was a love letter!
“I've been locked up in this cellar for weeks to protect myself from a very tall man who continues to follow me. Every time I try to get out of here, I see him. He’s always here. I'm afraid to run away. Luckily there are food and water in this cellar, but it won't last long. I hope this letter will get to you. Oh dear Isabel, I miss you so much and I can't wait to hug you again.
Please help me!
With love, your Jack. "
I had a lot of questions:”what does this letter mean?” “Did this boy see the same man I saw?” “How did this letter get there and why?”. Then I read: "P.S. look at the address on the back, I'm here! "It was my home address! (Emma g.)
I had never known that there was a cellar in my house. Surely I would find out something there. I had to go down immediately and check. I inspected the whole floor, but nothing. The only strange thing about that house was an old bookstore left by the old owner. Maybe if I could move it, I would find something. But a thought shook me... my address? How was that possible? And who was Jack? Despite my best efforts, the bookstore wasn’t moving. I accidentally bumped into the old candlestick and a hidden mechanism made the bookcase rotate, and there it was: a staircase..... (Leonardo N.)