Now it is your turn to teach!

Video lessons and movies shot by our students in a creative and funny way.



Video Title Actors Class School Year Videolink
Nelson MandelaRiccardo G., Adriano B., Andrea B., Giorgio B., Alessio T.2A2018-2019 Nelson Mandela
The Battle of HastingsFabio D.B., Daniele B., Andrea G., Andrea T., Andrea R., Vittorio F., Roberto L.2017-2018 The Battle of Hastings
The War of the RosesFlavio F., Andrea T., Vittorio F., Gabriella A., Giulio S., Flavia C., Andrea S., Francesca C., Costanza M., Federico B., Eleonora R., Gabriele C., Andrea G., Roberto L.2017-2018 The War of the Roses