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Video Title Actors Class School Year Videolink
Frequency AdverbsLaura B., Leonardo B., Alice M., Flavio F. 2A2018-2019 Frequency Adverbs
Reported SpeechSimone C., Manuele M.2A2018-2019 Reported Speech
Reported SpeechValerio Z., Matteo E., Edoardo P., Flavio F.2A2018-2019 Reported Speech
The ComparativeGiorgio B., Adriano B., Riccardo G., Andrea B., Alessio T.2A2018-2019 The Comparative
The PluralsNicole M., Bianca Z., Adelaide T., Lucrezia D.P.2A2018-2019 The Plurals
The Simple PastSimone C., Manuele M., Federico T.2A2018-2019 The Simple Past
Would you likeValerio Z., Matteo E., Edoardo P., Giulia A. , Giorgia P., Gaia S.2A2018-2019 Would you like
Causative Verbs2016-2017 Causative Verbs
If ClausesFederico B., Flavio F., Costanza M.2016-2017 If Clauses
Past ContinuousFabio D.B., Andrea R., Roberto L.2016-2017 Past Continuous
Past PerfectAndrea T., Vittorio F., Andrea G., Daniele B.2016-2017 Past Perfect
Past Perfect ContinuousAndrea T., Vittorio F., Andrea G., Daniele B.2016-2017 Past Perfect Continuous
Plural irregular and irregular nounsLuca L., Umberto P., Gabriele C.2016-2017 Plural irregular and irregular nouns
Present ContinuousAlessio B., Federico B., Flavio F.2016-2017 Present Continuous
Present SimpleEleonora R., Giulia S., Marius D.F.2016-2017 Present Simple
Relative Clauses2016-2017 Relative Clauses
Reported Speech2016-2017 Reported Speech
Simple PastAndrea T., Vittorio F., Andrea G.2016-2017 Simple Past
To WantFabio D.B., Andrea R., Roberto L.2016-2017 To Want
Wuthering FutureFrancesca C., Flavia C., Gabriella A.2016-2017 Wuthering Future