Now it is your turn to teach!

Video lessons and movies shot by our students in a creative and funny way.



Video Title Actors Class School Year Videolink
Clone Gum SpotLaura B., Leonardo E., Alice M.2A2018-2019 Clone Gum Spot
Do-It-All BotNicole M., Bianca Z., Adelaide T., Lucrezia D.P.2A2018-2019 Do-It-All Bot
Inside TrailerSimone C., Manuele M., Federico T.2A2018-2019 Inside Trailer
SuperballRiccardo G., Giorgio B.2A2018-2019 Superball
The Serum Of StrengthValerio Z., Matteo E., Edoardo P., Flavio F.2A2018-2019 The Serum Of Strength