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Video lessons and movies shot by our students in a creative and funny way.



Video Title Actors Class School Year Videolink
Lord RandalGiorgia D.M., B.3A2019-2020 Lord Randal
Lord RandalEdoardo P., Matteo E.3A2019-2020 Lord Randal
Lord RandalT., B.3A2019-2020 Lord Randal
Lord RandalValerio Z., Giulia M.3A2019-2020 Lord Randal
A Late Of Two CitiesSimone C., Manuele M.2A2018-2019 A Late Of Two Cities
Alice In WonderlandNicole M., Bianca Z., Adelaide T., Lucrezia D.P.2A2018-2019 Alice In Wonderland
Elizabeth and Mr. CollinsEleonora R., Andrea T.4A2018-2019 Elizabeth and Mr. Collins
FrankensteinValerio Z., Matteo E., Edoardo P., Flavio F.2A2018-2019 Frankenstein
Lord RandalFederica F. & Matteo A., Giorgia C. & Edoardo M., Susanna M. & Gabriele N.3A2018-2019 Lord Randal
P&P : The ProposalGiulia S., Gabriele C.4A2018-2019 P&P : The Proposal
P&P : The ProposalEleonora R., Andrea R.4A2018-2019 P&P : The Proposal
P&P : The ProposalCostanza M., Umberto P.4A2018-2019 P&P : The Proposal
P&P : The ProposalFlavia C., Andrea T.4A2018-2019 P&P : The Proposal
Pride & PrejudiceAndrea R., Luca L., Eleonora R., Flavia C., Giulia S., Costanza M., Federico B., Daniele B., Gabriele C., Vittorio F., Umberto P.4A2018-2019 Pride & Prejudice
Romeo & Juliet3A3A2018-2019 Romeo & Juliet
Romeo & Juliet (subt)3A3A2018-2019 Romeo & Juliet (subt)
SaladinGiorgia M., Gaia S., Giulia A.2A2018-2019 Saladin
The Fall Of The House Of UsherLaura B., Leonardo B., Alice M.2A2018-2019 The Fall Of The House Of Usher
A Christmas CarolGiulia D'I., Nicole M.2017-2018 A Christmas Carol
Dead in the freezer2017-2018 Dead in the freezer
Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde2017-2018 Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde
Hamlet2017-2018 Hamlet
Les Miserables2017-2018 Les Miserables
Lord RandalFlavia C., Luschio L.2017-2018 Lord Randal
Mutiny on the Bounty2017-2018 Mutiny on the Bounty
Romeo & Giuliet2017-2018 Romeo & Giuliet
The Adventure of Tom Sawyer2017-2018 The Adventure of Tom Sawyer
The Duke's Son2017-2018 The Duke
The Garden Party2017-2018 The Garden Party
The Hound of Baskerville2017-2018 The Hound of Baskerville
The murders in the Rue Morgue2017-2018 The murders in the Rue Morgue
The Secret GardenGabriele G, Mattia A., Daniele B., Edoardo P., Francesco S.2017-2018 The Secret Garden
Alice In WonderlandFrancesca C., Flavia C., Gabriella A., Sumit K.2016-2017 Alice In Wonderland
FrankesteinEleonora R., Giulia S., Marius D.F.2016-2017 Frankestein
KidnappedUmberto P., Luca L., Gabriele C.2016-2017 Kidnapped
Return To EarthFabio D.B., Alessio B., Andrea R., Roberto L.2016-2017 Return To Earth
The Call Of The WildAndrea T., Vittorio F., Daniele B., Sunny Teti2016-2017 The Call Of The Wild
The Elephant ManCostanza M., Federico B., Flavio F.2016-2017 The Elephant Man