"The House Party (story 2)"

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The day had come. Nick and Bob's parents had just left and the two started to arrange the house for the evening party. As soon as they finished, the first friends started to arrive and shortly after the house was full of people. Everything was fine. Everyone was having fun, when someone rang at the door...............(Francesca D.V.)
…There were two policemen. "Your neighbours have contacted us saying they are annoyed by the music coming from this house.",they said.
The two brothers were surprised, then Nick replyed: "Sorry constable, but it's impossible, our neighbours left just two days ago." "Really? Very strange. We will have to inspect your neighbours' house.”, said one agent.“It’s ok. We have the keys of their house. Our neighbours gave them to us when they left”, Bob said. The two brothers left their friends enjoy the party and went to the house with the policemen. When Bob opened the door, they heard a creak.A policeman turned on the light and ...(Emma G.)
.... started to inspect the house. Suddenly they heard some voices coming from other rooms, so Nick went upstairs with a sergeant and Bob poaked around with the other man. They were scared. It was very cold. That house was so big. After a long search Nick shouted and they all ran to him." It is just a voice register"s aid one of the two policemen and turned it off . They went back downstairs and when Nick was about to close the door another noise came from the habitation. It was more scary than the other.
They couldn't help but ............…( Alice F.)
.....…start to think that the place was not uninhabited. The agents went back into the house and returned to check the rooms upstairs. In one of the rooms Nick noticed that the wallpaper was slightly detached from the wall in one exact spot . He immediately called Bob and together they tried to peel off the mismatched wallpaper. They couldn’t believe their eyes. There was a tunnel hidden behind the wallpaper. They went inside it and crawled through the tunnel till a large room with dozens of beds flashed before their eyes. It seemed a large operating room... (Beatrice B.)