"The Ghastly Hospital (Story 1)"


In a remote town near Dahlonega, Georgia, there was a boy named Shon. He was a tall boy, physically strong, but above all, he was very brave and he liked to venture into very scary places with his friend William. In his country there was a small hospital where nobody ever went to, because there were strange stories about that place. One evening Shon and his friend decided to go there... (Federico P.)
Shon and William waited until the evening before breaking into that horrible place. When they came in, they hid their cameras in a room just to be safe.
At first the evening went well, until Shon left the hospital to go to the toilet.
And he heard it.That noise. It wasn’t like footsteps, it was like someone was dragging something. And then she saw him. A man was carrying a body.
Shon rushed to warn William, but on the way back to the hospital, he found no one. Then he thought of the only thing could have happened: the body might be William’s.(Nicolò N.)
He started running aimlessly when the flashlight in his hand went out. Everything was dark. Another scream, other noises, but how was that possible ... were there other people or was it always the same body? All these questions overwhelmed Shon until he felt someone looking at him; he couldn't see his face. All he saw were two black eyes and a thousand-toothed smile. Fear rose in Shon's veins, his legs stopped, he couldn't speak even if he screamed inside ... more noises, footsteps, screams ... something grabbed him by the wrist ...(Chiara S.)
The boy slowly turned his head and saw…William! He was still alive! Shon couldn’t believe it:”I thought you were dead” he said. “Fortunately I succeeded in hiding” and they hugged. But soon after a scary voice, followed by a sinister laugh, filled the entire corridor. The sweet moment was over and they started to run away again in search for a safe place. They rushed down to the basement and entered the morgue, where there were a lot of bodies of dead people covered with white sheets. It was freezing there, but there was no time to complain; the voice got closer and closer and the two boys couldn't but hide next to the dead bodies. The smell was so terrible but they weren’t to make any noise or they would have been discovered. Shon, actually, couldn't feel safe near the appalling bodies and trembled.Only when he looked in the face of the “dead” lying next him he realized that he had opened his eyes… (Daniele P.)
....Now it was all clear. "I got it! Shon exclaimed. The two, paying great attention, got onto the morgue trolleys and covered themselves with a sheet. William was shaking with fear and consequently the trolley as well. "William quiet!" Shon whispered, but that last sentence made them be discovered .....
"You are here, I know!" the voice was accompanied by the sound of the door opening. The mysterious man began to lift one sheet at a time.. ... . He was that close, when suddenly there was a noise. The man rushed upstairs to see who was there. It was the perfect time for William and Shon to ran towards the emergency exit: "it's locked!" The two boys exclaimed at the same time…(Sara.E)